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Weekly Fixed Income Views from February 26, 2021 Thumbnail

Weekly Fixed Income Views from February 26, 2021

Rates Market

  • The US Treasury market experienced steep losses this week as the selloff brought treasury yields to recent highs heading into month-end.
  • The 10-year yield remains more than 12 bps higher on the week, trading today in the middle of the range of 1.37% to Thursday's high of 1.61%.
  • The spread between the 5-year note and 30-year bond rose to a high of 163 bps on Wednesday, recovering back to 141 bps today.
  • The $62.0 billion seven-year note auction tailed 4 bps with at a yield of 1.195%, showing very weak demand and one of the worst auction tails in its history.
  • Friday’s economic releases pointed to growth in U.S. personal income, with consumer spending rebounding up 2.4%. Market sentiment remains focused on inflation trends and the stimulus package out of D.C.

Source: Bloomberg.

Corporate Market

  • The corporate spread week-to-date for the USD Investment Grade All Sector OAS was wider by +6 bps.
  • The USD Investment Grade All sector OAS index is back above 90.
  • Investment grade funds recorded $4.22 billion in inflows.
  • High Yield funds reported $2.22 billion in outflows.
  • Primary issuance year-to-date: $237.5 billion (+8% year-over-year)
  • Primary issuance month-to-date: $109.9 billion
  • Primary issuance week-to-date: $33.45 billion vs projected $30 billion-$40 billion.


Source: Bloomberg.

Corporate New Issue Highlights

  • Truist Financial priced $1.25 billion 6NC5 Fxd-to-FRN
  • $1.25b 6NC5 Fxd-to-FRN (March 2, 2027) at +50
  • Daimler Finance priced $3 billion in 3-parts
  • $1.5b 3Y Fixed (March 1, 2024) at +48
  • $1b 5Y Fixed (March 2, 2026) at +70
  • $500m 10Y Fixed (March 2, 2031) at +95
  • Bank of Nova Scotia priced $1.25 billion in 2-Parts
  • $950m 5Y Fixed (March 2, 2026) at +47
  • $300m 5Y FRN (March 2, 2026) at SOFR+54.5

Muni Market

  • Municipals took a bit of a breather on Friday after a 2-week slide from record levels with benchmark yields 3-28bps higher on the week, underperforming Treasuries.
  • On a relative value basis vs Treasuries, municipal ratios remain low, but have moved closer to longer-term averages. 
  • Municipal funds saw just $38 million in inflows for the week after $1.8 billion the week prior,  a sharp decline and a possible beginning of an outflow cycle after 16-straight weeks of inflows driving municipals to record highs.
  • Yields on primary issuance were repriced higher in order to attract investors as Treasury yields marched higher.
  • Next week, state and local governments expect to issue $6.51 billion. Notable deals include; New York City $1.45 billion, Baltimore County MD $658 million, NYC Municipal Water Finance Authority $573.2 million, Bay Area Toll Authority $569.9 million.

Source: Bloomberg.